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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How should I prepare before my facial?
    Come with an open mind, ready to relax, don’t do anything new to your skin. If you have done nothing to your skin that is fine. Please don’t go out and buy anything new as this can cause reactions, if you do have skincare bring it with you or atleast have photos of what you are using. Fill out the questionnaire before your facial so we can focus totally on relaxation.
  • Do I need someone to wash my face?
    This isn’t simply washing your face. This is getting you to your results faster, this is you learning what works for your skin and what doesn’t. This is fighting aging, getting rid of acne
  • What if I have sensitive skin?
    We use Professional skincare lines catered to sensitive skin and reactive skin. The main brand for sensitive or reactive skin we use is called “Hale and Hush.” We also ask that you fill out the Skin questionnaire that will give us information about your skin and we will get a feel of your skin before treatment.
  • Will it hurt?
    We aim at creating a relaxing experience for every guest and generally, it is. But, if your skin barrier is compromised you may feel a tingle and some discomfort. We will assess your skin and choose the best treatment for you.
  • Will I break out after a facial?
    Typically no, if you have pimples under your skin we are removing the top layers of dead skin so these pimples will come up quicker. Which is normal and what we want because, now we can get rid of them faster. If breakouts or acne are an issue we can create a plan to keep them away just mention it to your esthetician.
  • What Product Lines are used?
    Hale and Hush is sensitive skin safe and cancer safe Face Reality and Audia skin care line are Acne, Aging, and Pigmentation safe lines. We only use Professional Skincare Lines. For Sugaring Hair Removal we use Sugar Mama Pro
  • What if I have a big event coming up and I want a new treatment?
    Big event coming up? We recommend you do any new treatments 3 weeks before any big event unless you are an already established client of ours. We recommended the Hydration Facial or The Luxe.
  • How long before I see results?
    At the end of your facial we make sure your skin is balanced and hydrated which is what gives you our signature glow. If you have acne and/ or dark marks we will discuss results with you at treatment as this depends on your participation with product use, facials, and sometimes diet
  • How often should I get a facial?
    We recommend getting a facial every 4 weeks, if you are trying to address something like acne and hyperpigmentation and you want it gone quick every 2 weeks.
  • How Can you help me with my skin with a Virtual Consultation and not feel my skin?
    We look at a combination of your questionnaire, images of your skin and products we send for you to apply and that gives us so much information about you and your lifestyle to make a treatment customized for you.
  • What is the difference between Sugaring and waxing?
    Sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction and removed in the direction the hair grows causing less irritation and better hair removal. Waxing is removed against the direction of hair growth so, hairs can break and can cause more ingrown hairs. Sugar Paste also doesn’t stick to skin when hair is removed so also less irritation and a bit more of a gentle experience.
  • How does Sugaring work?
    We Cleanse your Skin, Apply powder to the area being Sugared. We then slowly apply the paste in the opposite direction of hair growth. We then remove the sugar paste in the direction the hair grows, removing unwanted hair.
  • How long does my hair have to be to get sugared?
    Eyebrow length any shorter than the hair cannot be removed so, at least 2 weeks of hair growth is needed to remove hair effectively.
  • Which areas of the body can be sugared?
    Just like waxing, when it comes to sugaring, pretty much everywhere on your body is okay to be sugared. From your eyebrows to your legs to your bikini area. You can get “sugared” in your upper lips, legs, underarms, arms, back, check, and bikini area, which includes a full Brazilian. We sugar everything. It may not be listed on the website because we list the most requested services but, if you call, we can set up to sugar any area not listed. The most popular service for sugaring is typically Brazilian.
  • How long do results from sugaring last?
    After one sugar session results can last three to five weeks. The great thing about sugarting is when you come consistently, results can last even longer. So scheduling sugaring appointments every 4 weeks, maybe more frequently depending on the area, is best.
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