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Ready to Begin Your Journey to Confident Skin Care

Skin Care Doesn't have to be Hard.

Achieving healthy, radiant skin shouldn't be a complicated task. We'll help you simplify and create an effective skincare routine that's easy to follow and brings beautiful results.

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Dark Marks, Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation

We’ve suffered from hyperpigmentation too so, we’ve learned a bit“Like, ugh Why does this mark look darker?" Dark marks or HP can pop up because of 5 reasons: Sun exposure, Injury, Genetics, Hormones, or Medications.​ Our Goal is to find the cause & treat the marks

   while keeping them from coming back.

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You are never too old to have an acne breakout, unfortunately Adult Acne is also a thing. As if we needed something else after 2020 but, You are not alone. Acne is so common and so is Adult Acne which most likely is caused by genetics, diet, or hormones. We work together to find the cause, treat the acne, and keep pimples from spinning the block.

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We hate to be the one to tell you this but, Your skin can’t  do what everybody else's skin does. With Sensitive Skin it starts with having the right products made for your skin and balanced for your skin. We make it easy for you by customizing facials for sensitive and skin and home-care.

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You Were Born With The Skin You're In... So Let's Take Care of it.

Embarking on your skincare journey? Let's start with the basics! Understanding your skin type is the key to crafting a personalized routine. Share a bit about your skin, and together, we'll navigate the first step towards a tailored skincare regimen that suits your unique needs.


Discover personalized offers designed to fulfill your skincare dreams at Beauty Selah. Our curated services cater to your unique desires and needs, allowing you to embrace radiant skin without breaking the bank. Elevate your skincare experience with our thoughtfully crafted deals.

Beauty Selah's Mothers Day Celebration

A Love Affair with

Tailored to honor your  journey of motherhood by celebrating the love you have for yourself and your role as a mother. 

Our 50-minute treatment is a comprehensive Facial experience. This rejuvenating facial includes a deep cleanse, brightening papaya exfoliation, and a nourishing warm honey mask, Elevating the experience, enjoy a facial massage with Cryo Globes, and rest assured that a cozy robe is provided for all guests to enhance your comfort during the session.


Virtual Consultation

The Virtual Consultation is designed for beginners and those rekindling their skincare journey. This exclusive offer includes a complimentary Skincare Bundle, making it ideal for individuals residing in distant areas. During the consultation, expect personalized product recommendations and tailored skincare advice to kickstart or enhance your skincare routine. Perfect for remote clients seeking expert guidance, this offer combines convenience with effective solutions for your skincare needs

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Sugaring Full

Indulge in our Sugaring Full Brazilian treatment, an all-encompassing experience that combines effective hair removal with a soothing calming mask. This specialized service ensures thorough hair removal, leaving you with a smooth and refreshed feeling. Elevate your grooming routine with the perfect combination of hair removal expertise and a calming mask for a truly rejuvenating experience.

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About Beauty Selah


Beauty Selah is your partner for empowering beginners to create effective skincare routines tailored to their lifestyles. Specializing in solutions for beginners dealing with Acne and Hyperpigmentation in their Skin. We go beyond skincare, and we prioritize the well-being of our guest. That's why relaxation is at the heart of everything we do. Our name, Selah, embodies this ethos, meaning to pause or rest. We believe that taking time to care for oneself is essential, and it's integrated into every aspect of our brand. We provide a unique Selah Experience with every facial, available both online and in our spa through facials, consultations, and products..

"First time going to Beauty Selah, it was a great experience. Scheduled a 90 minute facial with Keeyawna for my child, fiance and myself while pregnant. On top of the atmosphere being relaxing, Mrs. Keeyawna educated us on every product she was using. Keeyawna not only had our face looking and feeling refreshed but managed to work out the stress knots in my neck and shoulders. Her fingers are magically. She even managed to get my fiance so relaxed he went to SLEEP! Highly recommended."

Kary K.

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